Surprise Your Kids With Theme Based Birthday Party Cake In Patna

Birthdays Planner provides you best themed birthday party cake.

Birthdays are celebrated once a year and definitely is the most specially celebrated occasion. Even if celebrated with few of your loved ones, you definitely want to make it special and memorable. While birthday parties are extraordinary, our birthday party planner in Patna understand that any birthday party is incomplete without a birthday party cake. Even if the celebrations are a house party, or a club or a grand celebration, one cannot miss to order the themed birthday party cake. It is loved by all- whether kids or the adults. It is tempting and we bet if anyone can say a no to a piece of cake or even the whole cake.

birthday party cake
birthday party cake

Cakes on birthday are not just the surprising element but also it is the special moment of any birthday celebration. It is a moment that everyone looks forward to. Understanding its importance, our birthday party planner in Patna promises to provide you with best birthday party cakes. We do not only provide variety and quantity but also ensure quality themed birthday cakes for your birthday party.

Special Flavor Cakes

While chocolate cakes are an all-time favorite for kids and adults, it is also a special one. We will hardly hear anyone say- I don’t prefer a chocolate cake. It is the rarest of rare occasion. While many prefer the chocolate cake, individuals have different tastes and choices too. Our birthday party planner in Patna are specialized and have arrangements for all types of birthday party cakes.

As we do not take our customers for granted, our birthday party planner in Patna definitely provide the choice or flavor of the cake, as specified by you. We provide a list of cakes with variety of flavors from some of the best bakeries in town. To name a few of the cakes from our list of special mouth-watering cakes include-

  1. Pineapple cake

For individuals who say a no to chocolate, a fresh pineapple cake with whipped cream and lots of pineapple is enticing. Also, our birthday party planner in Patna guarantee it to be your favorite birthday party cake.

  • Red Velvet Cheese Cake

For individuals who love the cheese dips, red velvet cheese birthday party cake is definitely the pick. We guarantee you cannot stop just at the first bite. Furthermore, it’s delicious and we assure you cannot walk away after seeing it.  

  • Chocolate Truffle

Firstly, truffle is always in demand. Secondly, it is delicious and everyone definitely has an appetite for a chocolate truffle.

  • Strawberry Cake

Usually a favorite of the kids, strawberry is a cake for one and all. It is also the most commonly served cake in any party. Yet, our birthday party planner in Patna promise you to provide with the best and fresh birthday party cake in town.

  • Fruit Cake

For all the fruit lovers, you can now enjoy a freshly baked cake with all fruit toppings. Also, it is amazingly healthy when added with fresh fruits.

  • Dark Chocolate Cake

Our birthday party planner in Patna understand how difficult it is to resist a tempting chocolate birthday party cake. If you’re avoiding it just because of your health or due to calorie concerns, we also offer some luring dark chocolate cakes for your birthday party.

Theme Cakes

A flavored birthday party cake can be appealing, yet, if this is your child’s birthday party, our birthday party planner in Patna would not deny to offer a theme cake. Theme cakes are specially alluring to the kids. A theme cake as favorite, can also be the best surprise for the little kids in the birthday party. Furthermore, our team offers variety of theme cakes to make it distinct for your little special loved one.

  • Chota Bheem

Chota Bheem is always exciting for your little champ. It makes them happy and feel loved to have a special cake of their favorite cartoon character.

  • Superheroes

If your champ loves superman or batman, imagine the smile they would have when they see their favorite character on the birthday party cake.

  • Barbie Cake

Your little cute princess will be amazed to see her favorite Barbie figure on her birthday party cake. So, our team assures of the best quality and taste for your little one.

  • Princess Cake

It is always exciting for your princess to see herself in the birthday party cake. Imagine how she can flaunt about the cake to her friends and this would definitely make her happy.

Cup Cakes

As cakes are important, children love fancy cakes in their birthday parties. Additionally, designer cakes are most exciting for the little ones. Your children’s birthday is going to be a rock solid and fun-loving with exotic cupcakes. Our team of birthday party planner in Patna would definitely think out of the box to make little cupcakes very interesting and unique for your loved ones.

Our team would organize for cupcakes in different flavors. Birthday party cake with hazelnut or choco chip flavor are all time favorite. Besides that, we can also provide fruit cupcakes or bourbon cupcakes as per your choice. If your little kid wants special designs of cupcakes like the princess or your champ demands the superman cupcake, our birthday party planner in Patna would arrange for it too.

Bake Your Own Cake

As easy, convenient and exciting does buying a cake sound, nothing can be compared to baking a cake for your loved one on this special day. A cake specially made for the special occasion is always special and an unforgettable surprise for your loved one. Also, it builds memory of a lifetime. However, as it might sound tedious, our birthday party planner in Patna would provide you with all the assistance to bake your own birthday party cake.

Our team would guide you with all recipes and ingredients needed for baking the cake. Our team would also assist you to add designs to your birthday party cake. Additionally, we put in name or special message on the cake for you.

Special Cakes

Furthermore, our birthday party planner in Patna are open for any special requests. Like some customers want an eggless cake, we have all provisions ready for it. Also, we take special request for vegan cake or sugar free cakes if you need it for your birthday parties.

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