Girls Theme

Most demanded girls themes

The most wanted girls themes that come with our birthday party organizers in Patna are princess theme party, Barnyard theme party, make your own pizza party, Alice in Wonderland, back to college party etc. 

Princess theme party

The word princess is already there in the theme. The birthday girl looks like a princess and even made to feel like a princess by birthday party organizers in Patna. The girls are so excited in this theme. The balloon decoration that takes place is as per the theme. Most importantly, This is one of the most demanded themes which is organized by Birthday Planner. As soon as the girls know about this theme of princess, they get so excited and keep princess theme on the top of their priority list. Besides that, Most of the girls choose princess theme party. Also, The overall atmosphere in this theme party is suitable for a princess.

Barnyard Theme Party

Barnyard theme party is full of balloons. This becomes the first choice of the girls full of balloons as we at Birthday Planner have seen so far. There are balloons of many different colours like red, white, blue etc. It’s a very colourful appearance of the venue. It is a clear demonstration of the quality of fun and entertainment that you and your guests are going to have. Also, The props used with barnyard theme party are always smiling. Besides that, This also adds a lot of positivity to the party. There are shining glitter streamers, thematic farmhouse cutouts, thematic farmhouse file balloons, pinatas etc used by our birthday party planners in Patna.

Frozen theme party FOR GIRLS

Frozen theme party is now getting to the trend of the girls’ choice. There are different shades of blue color used by birthday organizer. Frozen theme party also has beautiful doll like creatures which are placed very beautifully by Balloon decorator. The attractions are snowman snacks, ice cubes, popcorn, cut outs. Also, The furniture is even decorated according to frozen theme. Besides that, There are printable frozen bookmarks for the guests. Additionally, This may definitely motivate them for reading books. Most importantly, Birthday Planner makes an attempt to bring in some learning element in the theme

Alice in Wonderland FOR GIRLS

Birthday Planner creates some magical atmosphere in the theme of Alice in Wonderland. So, There is Alice and all the characters of the Wonderland. Besides that, The king and the queen are the major attractions. Also, Various activities can be performed in this theme. The participants and the birthday a girl is also allowed to give ideas regarding the theme. Birthday party organizers in Patna always welcome their ideas. Furthermore, They enjoy alice in wonderland so much because they are in the entirely different world.

Back to college party theme

Birthday Planner introduced this theme because we understand the importance of college days. Furthermore, Everyone is extremely energetic on listening to this theme. Also, We all love education days of both school and college. Birthday party planner plans it according to the demand of the participants or the host. Birthday Planner takes care of every small detail in this. Besides that, There are various costumes and props to have fun with. Additionally, It includes big hair, beautiful beads and the leather pants. Lastly, The participants get a chance to cherish their college days. 

Cake decorating party

Birthday candles cake decorating party theme is a superhit one with ladies or girls. They get great opportunities to showcase their talents. Birthday planner helps in decorating the cakes. The balloon decoration along with decorated cakes is a very beautiful combination. The guests are mesmerized by the cakes on the one hand and The Balloons on the other hand. It is a very demanded theme of birthday party organizers

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