Diwali Soiree Party

Diwali Soiree : 4 Points To Enjoy The Traditional Way

Festive time calls for some unique celebration. Additionally, Diwali is one occasion where people look for avenues for partying and bonding. So, you will see people taking an active part in finding best Diwali Soiree. Let us not forget, this is a festival of lights! Therefore, people can be seen using a lot of fresh flowers, floating lamps, ‘diyas’, etc. to make the most of it.


You too can go about having such a partying experience. Following are 4 aspects you need to bear in mind to make it successful.

  1. Choose The Correct Party Theme

Today, there are several themes available for Old Hollywood Glamour Party. So, Depending upon your likes and dislikes, you can choose one. For instance, you can add a touch of being traditional. Simply opt the theme as traditional. Additionally, A lot of people prefer this since it perfectly defines the traditional festive occasion.

  • Go For Stunnig Decorations

Diwali parties are better known for containing abundance of lights. For instance, you can hire strings of twinkling lights. Also, The same can be employed for decorating outside walls of your selected venue.

Giving a traditional element in the Back to College party decoration is absolutely perfect. Also, You do not have to procure expensive decorating items. Instead, you can achieve the same with less costly and easily available items as well. For example, you can create a ‘Rangoli’ right at the entrance. For better results, you might add flowers to it. So, You can also avail the colorful powders that come with glitter mixed in it. Just add right proportion of water and have a wonderful ‘Rangoli’ !

  • Select The Rightful Menu

Your guests present in the Flower Power Party will definitely expect sumptuous food arrangements. The right way to go about this is to make arrangement for a table. Therefore, Use it for serving lime soda, serving water and coconut water.

You wish to choose foods that have traditional feel in it, right? Why not go for items like samosas and cutlets? Better still, why not make all these at home instead of buying them from the market?

Due to lack of time or otherwise, a lot of people fail to serve home-made foods. The good news is – you can always opt for an outside catering service provider. They take immense care to fulfill the traditional theme. For example, they will offer food items like katti rolls, chaat, samosas, jalebis, etc. in order to ensure guests have easy access to these foods, they install little tables or kiosks.

  • Go For The Best Entertainment Opyions

Your guests will come to the Black and White Ball venue anticipating a lot of entertainment. Therefore, you ought to make necessary arrangements in this regard. To start with, opt for some grooving music. Hire a professional DJ who is best to handle such situations. In case money is a constraint, make a list of super hit songs and play them via your music system, iPod or phone. Of course, make sure to have speakers in place.

An occasion like Diwali does warrant some dancing as well. Therefore, you can hire professional dancers. You can also choreograph different dances and rehearse the same with your family members and friends.

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