Boys Theme

Awesome boys themes

Birthday Planner has designed some awesome boys themes like Doraemon theme party, Chota Bheem theme party, Care Bear theme party, Krishna theme party, Candyland theme party, Monkey Madness theme party etc. The names of the boys themes set by birthday party organizers in Patna shows awesome creativity. Let’s discuss some of the awesome boys themes.

Monkey Madness theme party for boys

Monkey Madness theme party of birthday party planner in Patna is exactly it seems. Also, It is full of madness and fun. Besides that, There are real monkeys at the party. Imagine the attitude of the women and the girls. Additionally, They are scared so much. But it happens just initially. The theme of birthday party organizers in Patna is so well versed with such situations that can make you comfortable with the monkeys. Then you will start playing along with them. Also, They are very nice creatures. They are completely trained and make you laugh so badly. People play games with monkeys in the parties

Doraemon theme party for boys

The Doraemon theme party of our birthday party organizers in Patna is the best selling one. Also, All the children and adults know about Doraemon. Doraemon is a very famous cartoon. So, There is a lot of excitement for the theme. Special children love the cutouts, the balloon decoration Patna and other props. Additionally, Boys have special inclination towards enacting as Doraemon does. Furthermore, Games and activities related to the Fun that Doraemon creates on screen. This is super Fun for the participants. It’s full of energy and enthusiasm by birthday organizer in Patna.

Candyland theme party

Birthday Planner has given the hint of the presence of lots of candies in this theme. The structures of big candies all over by balloon decorator makes very tempting for the host and guests both. Birthday organizer in Patna knows that the children are more excited about getting the candies. So it has made great arrangements for it. So when there are candies all over the walls in the form of props with the cutouts of very funny cartoons. Birthday planner has taken candies of various types. Some of them look spiral from the front. Also, Some of them are fan-like structures. Besides that, There are also round candies in wrappers.

Disney theme party

The cartoon characters of Disney are even more popular than Doraemon. Most of us have grown watching the cartoons of Disney. Birthday party organizers in Patna have used most of the Disney characters like goofy, max goof, Horace horse collar, Mickey Mouse, Evil Queen, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Max Goof etc. The common Disney party services provided by Birthday Planner are Disney movie, Disney gadgets, costumes, posters, thermo models, toys, songs etc.

Chhota Bheem theme for boys

Birthday party organizers in Patna know the charm of Chhota Bheem in India. It was invented in India itself after the inspiration was taken from Bheem. Bhim was the strongest character in Indian Mythology. Birthday organizer has very appropriate props for making the participants happy and satisfied.  It is a cartoon character which is highly inspiring. Since the real Bheem was a great personality. The balloon decoration is also at party with the colours of cutouts of Chhota Bheem. Our balloon decorator has got a wide experience of organizing awesome boys themes.

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